Broken But Anchored

We all have breaks and cracks in our lives. As long as we are anchored to Jesus we can still be used for His glory.

My Books

My first book was my testimony. “Everyone Owns A Shattered Mirror”… a mirror reflecting the pain and sorrow over brokenness that has occurred in their lives. There is hope I have experienced the pain of brokenness, but God has also shown me that He doesn’t discard the broken. He repairs and restores the disordered pieces of our lives into a divinely inspired mosaic. The experience of brokenness in our lives qualifies us to help provide comfort to somebody else.




My second book is now available!

We have all been there. That feeling that every problem or fear is too big to tackle on our own. We see them as giants and we are tiny, defenseless grasshoppers. That is not what God wants for us. He wants us to turn them over to Him because He is bigger than any giant in our lives.

Throughout “I’m Just A Grasshopper,” the author shares her personal struggles and how she is learning to let her faith be bigger than her fear. You will find some encouragement to overcome some of these questions and others.

* Do you run from your fears?

* Do you allow others to tear you down?

* Do you make excuses?


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