Here we go. Traveling all night didn’t allow for much sleep, but we are excited about what we will see today. Today our word was, “Power.”

Our first stop was Jaffa, known as Joppa in biblical times. It is the oldest port in the world. Many things happened in this town. Jonah boarded a boat here headed to Tarshish. God’s power was definitely displayed during this story.

This is also known for the town where Peter received his vision from God in Acts 10:9-23. Our guide said this is where God said we could eat pork chops. Lol!


We head to Caesarea Marittima (by the sea). We toured the remains of a palace that belonged to Pontius Pilate.


Then we headed to Mount Carmel. This is the location where Elijah’s conquered the prophets of Baal. This is definitely a place where God’s power was revealed.


Next we went to Megiddo. This is known as the place of Armageddon in Revelation 16:16. Another place where God’s power will be revealed.


All of these places displayed God’s power. We were all tired and ready to head to the hotel and sleep. Tomorrow will be another busy day.