The word for today was Personal. So, I had the idea to ask some of the others on the trip to add something about their favorite day or location. It is really interesting to hear the different perspectives and how it was personal to each of them. Now on to day 4, written mostly by Tiffany. (Tiffany’s writing is in blue)

This morning we woke up and had breakfast with a view of The Sea of Galilee. We loaded the bus at 7:30 am for a full day. 

We started our day at Kursi. This is where Legion, the Madman of Gadera, was forever changed when Jesus cast the demons out of him. As we stood atop of the hill there, I could see the swine running over and down into the Sea.


Next on the agenda was a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. I think this was the point that my “awe” factor set in. So many places in The Holy Land have been altered over time due to one thing or another, and some are “probable” places. The Sea of Galilee is the same sea that was there 2,000 years ago. It’s the same one Jesus got in a boat on to back away from the crowd so he could speak. He walked those same shores ministering to people. It was those waters that during a storm was breaking over the boat that Jesus and his Disciples occupied. Jesus calmed those waters. Jesus even walked on these waters according to Matthew 14. How awesome it was for a time to be on a boat on those waters! When we disembarked the boat, we went to the “Jesus Boat Museum.” Here there was a boat from the days of Jesus that several locals discovered a few years ago.

Here is another quote about the Sea of Galilee from Mark, ” One of my favorite places was, the Sea of Galilee, mostly because God has called me to me to serve Him in ministry using the outdoors… and I got to see the place my Savior did so much of His ministry. It was in this breathtaking setting outdoors… our Creator teaching, preaching, feeding the hungry, healing the sick… in His own beautiful Creation!”


Lunchtime came, and we had St. Peters fish for lunch.  Or in my case…I had lamb! It was a little eerie to me to see a whole fish lying on those plates!  But I did taste Bens, and it was very good. 


Our next stop was a visit to Tabgha. Tabgha means “7 springs.”  We saw a warm water spring that feeds into the Sea of Galilee. We were told that fishermen like to fish in that area because the fish love the warm water. The water was so clear and beautiful.  We learned that it is very possible that the first church began on the shores of Tabgha. 


Next stop- Capernaum. Here we visited the ruins of an ancient synagogue. We had a brief stop at Bethsaida which was the hometown of Peter, Andrew, Philip, and the sons of Zebedee. Bethsaida is also the last of the 3 towns of the “Evangelical Triangle” of Jesus’ Galilee ministry. It was here that Jesus fed the 5,000.


At our next stop, we found ourselves at The Mt. of Beatitudes. Mrs. Connie Raney read to us from Matthew 5 as we stood on the side of this beautiful green hill. ( I’m sure it was perfectly fine that we entered via an open gate that we climbed thru to get to the side of the hill!!) 


We ended our day at The Diamond Factory. Here we took a quick tour and learned where diamonds come from and how they are processed. We were then allowed in the showroom to see all the beauties!

After a full day of touring The Galilee and making so many wonderful memories, we made it back to the hotel in time to see the sunset over The Sea of Galilee. The day was an amazing one for me. I am so thankful to have been a part of this entire trip. The memories will certainly last a lifetime!


It was a great end to a perfect day! Thank you Tiffany and Mark for your personal insight on the day.