“These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.”  1 John 5:13

How many times have we asked that question and heard the answer, “Yes, I believe in God.” What does that mean? You can believe a lot of things, but the question is, “Do you KNOW?”

Recently I heard a preacher talking about head knowledge and heart knowledge. We can know something or someone but not have complete faith in them. We can KNOW Jesus and have complete FAITH in Him. The Bible is perfectly clear that we can KNOW that we are saved and will spend eternity in heaven with our Lord.

We all know people but do we trust them to get us to heaven? Think about it. All of us can honestly say we know who George Washington was. At least we should be able to say that. But do we trust him to save us? Do we have faith in him to get us to heaven? No, that is crazy, right? It may sound crazy, but lots of people think they can ride to heaven on someone else’s coattails. We should all love and respect our pastor, but he cannot get us to heaven. He is only human just like us. The only person who can get us to heaven is Jesus.

Sometimes we have faith in things instead of Jesus. Those things are only temporary. Imagine you have a flat tire. The only replacement you have is that tiny donut spare that you can only drive about 30 mph on. Do you have faith in that tire? Sure you do, for a little while. You wouldn’t drive 100 miles on it. But you trust it to get you to the next service station. Sometimes we say we know Jesus and have faith in Him. We trust Him as long as we are in the crisis. But as soon as we are through it, we forget about Him until the next crisis hits.

We should be able to say that we Know Jesus and have complete faith in Him. Think about Jesus as our rescue boat or lifeguard. We are drowning, and He is there to rescue us. Are we going to let Him or are we going to go under? Do we Know Him and have Faith in Him? Is He just someone we know, a casual acquaintance? Do we think of Him as just a spare tire that is there just in case we might need him? Go back and read the scripture again. We can KNOW, we don’t have to think or guess. What is your answer to, “Do you know Jesus?”