We just finished up a week of revival meetings at our church. We had five very challenging messages brought to us (Summary of each night at the bottom of page). Now what? Is revival over? It shouldn’t be.

Revival is about our relationship with Jesus and keeping the fire of our salvation burning. We should have a hunger for God’s word and a deep desire to pray to Him often. We should be burdened to spend time with Him. We learned this week that we have to take revival out the doors of the church and share Jesus with others.

This week has also reminded me that we should have that same desire with our spouse. Today is my anniversary. Today marks twenty-four years since I said “I do”.  What I have learned over all these years is our marriage needs revival also. Just as we need to be revived  to God we need to keep our marriages strong. We should want our marriage relationship to continue growing. We should also have the desire to encourage others to do the same in their marriages.

We need strong marriages and families to help our country have revival. God’s word tells us that He will heal our land if we repent. Isn’t that where revival starts? With a desire to repent and then remembering our first love? We should have Jesus first in our lives above all else. Then our marriages can be strong.

We could be great servants for God if we would truly desire to keep revival going. I have been challenged this week and I hope everyone else that heard the messages were also. Our churches, families and nation all need revival and it can start with just one person. So will you be that person that keeps the revival going?

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  2 Chronicles 7:14

Summary of Revival (Posted on Facebook by Marcia Sheeley):

Night #1 – Revival. I was asked to do a summary of the messages this week like I did last year. Title of message was “You got to get down to get up.” Text was Revelation 2-3. Five churches out of the seven had problems. If we want revival, we have to get rid of the problems like they had then. The five problems were: 1) lost first love – sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, 2) lax in service to God, 3) allowing false doctrines to creep in, 4) being pew warmers instead of being active, and 5) being lukewarm. We face same problems today and have to get our hearts right with God before we can have true revival in our lives and our churches. Ezra 9:5-15, 10:1 shows us our hearts should be grieved for the condition of the lost, world, and churches. We should stand for the truth and the right!

Night #2 – Revival message. Title: “Heart strings”. Text: Luke 16:19-31. The main point tonight was that if we truly want revival we have to remember. Remember that Hell is as real as Heaven is. We have to remember that we were headed there before we were saved. We need to remember that there are many still headed there. We need to remember that Jesus is the only reason we are not headed to this awful place. We need to remember all the pain, suffering, and death He went through because He loves us. We need to remember when we asked Jesus into our heart. Psalm 51:1-12. After we remember, we need to ask God to restore our joy. Then we can share with others what God has done for us. He will pull on our heart strings if we take the time to remember where we came from.

Night #3 – Revival service. Title: “Where your treasure is…” Text: Luke 12:13-25, 33-40. Matthew 6:24-34. We need to be sure our treasures are in Heaven, not here on earth. Earthly treasures can be taken from us. Where our treasures are shows where our hearts are. Christ should be our #1 treasure. If He is, everything else will fall where it should. He will take care of all our needs. We shouldn’t store our treasures for retirement, or for when we are done serving God. We need to share what we have. Not keep it all for ourselves. Give to others. He will take care of us. It was a good message. Hard to summarize.

Night #4 – Revival service. Title: “Do you love me (Jesus)?” Text: John 21:15-22. Three types of love: 1) Supreme love – God gave the highest love in His only begotten Son. We need to love Him above anything or anyone. 2) Suffering love – Jesus suffered so much for each of us. Do we suffer for Him? 3) Submitting Love. Jesus submitted to His Father’s will. We must submit to Him. Put our love under Jesus’ authority! We must humble ourselves to Him. James 4:7-8! Do we really “love” Jesus? He says to “Feed my sheep”. We need to be sharing His love with everyone we come in contact with!

Night #5 – Revival. Forgot to post last night… Title: “Lord, Here I Am.” Text: Genesis 22. Abraham obeyed the Lord’s command regarding sacrificing his own son. God blessed him for obeying and spared his son. Other examples: Isaiah answered “Here am I, send me.” In 1 Kings 17, Elijah also responded correctly to the Lord’s command. So did the widow woman. We need to say, Here I am, to the Lord in our walk with Him.