Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to explore writing more. I have always enjoyed journaling. I spent many years struggling and started a healing journal. God laid it on my heart to start sharing my story to others. It took a couple years of arguing with God before I published my first book, “Everyone Owns A Shattered Mirror.” It is basically my testimony and how God takes the broken and mends them.

God has used my first book in amazing ways. I have definitely grown through the process. This has led to my second book, “I’m Just A Grasshopper”, about conquering your fears. God helped me work through some of my fears while writing it and I pray that it will be encouraging to those who read it.

I’m excited about sharing my story and my books to help others who may be struggling. I’m not sure if there will be any other books in my future, but I know God has something for me. I will continue to lean on Him and allow Him to lead me. It is always exciting to watch God work!

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