As I wrote about in my last blog, Talents, I believe God has blessed me with the ability to write. I have always struggled communicating with others, but have always been able to pen my feelings to paper. I spent many years journaling and working through issues. My first book I published was my testimony about how God worked through my life.

Everyone Owns A Shattered Mirror”….. a mirror reflecting the pain and sorrow over brokenness that has occurred in their lives – broken toys, broken promises, broken relationships, and broken hearts.  Our mirrors crack when these things happen to us, but God doesn’t discard the broken. He repairs and restores the disordered pieces of our lives into a divinely inspired mosaic. The experience of brokenness in our lives qualifies us to help provide comfort to somebody else.

Being transparent was difficult. I had to accept that God wanted me out of my comfort zone. He wanted to use my story to encourage others. I’m thankful today that I followed his leadership and published my book.