I don’t know exactly what is next for me. Will I write another book? Will I start a foundation to be able to support missionaries around the world?

I believe God has laid it on my heart to continue with this blog. I’m not sure what the next blogs will be about. I’ve finished my goal of eight blogs about me and who I am. I didn’t get them done in exactly the time frame I set, but I have a great excuse as to why. I’m now a Mimi! My daughter and son-n-law had our first grandchild about 2 weeks ago. He is a beautiful little boy and I’m so blessed that I had the opportunity to be there when he was born. I will never forget that day.

So what’s next? I’m going to enjoy my new role as Mimi for sure. I also know I have a servant’s heart and I want to help others. Where ever that may lead me next I don’t know. Right now, under the advice of a great friend, I’m trying to be still and listen to what God may be trying to tell me.