As I got older, I stopped keeping a journal. Without that outlet, all of my emotions were bottled up in my head again, where they stayed there for many years. When I began dealing with some medical and emotional issues, I was led back to journaling.

It all started when I decided to take a class on journaling at our local herb shop. It was a very eye opening experience for me. By putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper again, I was able to process and deal with all of those emotions that I’d kept bottled up for so long.

I sat down and started reading through my old journals from when I was a teenager that I had saved. Reading my entries gave me some insight on myself. I realized why I had been afraid to dream, and also why I felt so unworthy to be loved.

The whole process of journaling again and reading through my old writings caused all of the confusion about my personality and the way I was acting to be lifted. I began to see myself in a different light.

It was during this time that God spoke to me about writing my testimony. I agreed to write it, but had no intentions of letting anyone read it. How could I reveal that side of me? How could I let my guard down, and allow others to see my mistakes and challenges?

God had other plans, though. I ended up publishing my first book, “Everyone Owns a Shattered Mirror”. For a long time, I really fought with God over publishing it. But after a lot of prayer, and even more sleepless nights, I finally gave in to God’s calling, and I’m so glad that I did!

God has used this accomplishment of mine in so many ways. Ways that I never expected. He has used my story to reach people that I couldn’t have possibly reached without stepping out of my comfort zone and following His guidance. I have grown so much throughout this process, and it all started with a simple journal entry.

Over the years I have started many types of journals. Next week I will talk about these different journals and how they have helped me in my life.