So I have had a burden for our marriages here lately. I see a lot of people struggling and some who don’t really take their marriages seriously. The devil loves to get in the middle of our marriages and tear them apart. Marriage is hard. It is a lot of work. I want to spend the next several weeks hopefully encouraging those who may be struggling. Whether you have been married a long time, just gotten married or still single, we can all learn from what God has to say on the subject of marriage.

Some people would call me old-fashioned. I believe God instituted marriage and that He has to be part of the marriage for it to succeed. As we read in Ecclesiastes 4:12 a couple of weeks ago, a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

I hope you will join me on this journey over the next several weeks. I believe if our marriages are strong and healthy, our families will also be, which will trickle down to our churches and other areas of our lives.