Sometimes it takes really getting serious and looking at where we are to be able to move forward. We can travel down the same road for a long time thinking everything okay until one day when we realize it’s not. Is it too late at that point? Absolutely not. Ask yourself these questions.

Is my marriage growing?

Is my marriage stagnant?

Is my marriage dying?

Is my marriage dead?

Now, I know those are some tough questions to admit to. There is hope wherever you are at. God can revive what we may think is a dead marriage. We have to be honest with ourselves and our spouses. We have to have serious conversations about where we are and where we are headed.

Trust me, this is hard. We spent sixteen years doing what we thought we were supposed to be doing. My husband worked hard and provided for the family. I stayed home and took care of the kids and house. We thought everything was fine. We were both doing our part, but as the kids got older, we were faced with the fact we didn’t know each other.

We made a decision that day to join together and learn each other again. It was like dating. We asked each other questions, simple questions like, “What is your favorite color?” We made it a point to spend time together outside of family activities. We invited God back into our marriage and started daily devotions.

I know you are probably thinking that sounds like a lot of work. Well, it was. If you are serious about the survival of your marriage, you will work as hard as you can. It takes a 100% from both of you. You also have to be willing to do 100% even if your spouse isn’t. You keep doing your part and let God deal with your spouse. Trust God to revive your marriage.