I don’t think I could say it enough. Communication is extremely important. This is the key ingredient in a successful marriage. Think about it. How often does things happen or not happen because of failed communication? What would happen if a child signed up their parent to bring cookies to the bake sale, but failed to pass the information along to the parent. There would not be any cookies, would there? I know this is a strange comparison, but the same happens in our marriages.

We cannot expect our spouse to know what we are thinking or do what we would like if we don’t tell them. Yes, we have to talk to each other. We have to share our thoughts, feelings, and fears with one another. If we fail to do so, we will drift apart. How can we expect our spouse to know that we are hurt over something they said or did? Or maybe we have a fear and if we don’t tell them, they can’t help us. Slamming cabinet doors and giving the silent treatment only creates a greater divide.

We need to be open with each other. Our job is to hold each other up and support one another in all things. If we are not our spouse’s support system, they will find it elsewhere. Which adds a whole other issue to the mix. I know we don’t want to hear that, but if we fail on our jobs that is what could happen. If we both do our jobs that God gave us, we can have a successful marriage.

Will we let each other down? Absolutely! We are not perfect. This is where unconditional forgiveness comes into play. So, your challenge this week. Take some time, alone time with your spouse and communicate with each other. Share your dreams and fears. Don’t forget you need to listen as well.