It is the week before Christmas, and everyone is running around trying to get last minute items taken care of. At least that has been my life the last couple of weeks. Hence the absence of a blog last week. I’m sorry to those who have been keeping up with this study over the last two months. I will try to do better.

With all the busyness of life going on, don’t let your marriage fall by the wayside. We have to be cautious of this year round, not just at Christmas time. We have to be intentional in all that we do.

Here are a few areas in our marriages where we need to be intentional:

  • Be intentional about staying connected and communicating. Get in your spouse’s way. Show them how important they are to you. We should always fight for our spouses. You are a team, and they should know that you are their biggest supporter.
  • Be intentional in protecting your marriages. Take your commitment seriously. Be aware of outside influences that could come between you.
  • Be intentional in forgiving your spouses. I have talked about it several times. You are two imperfect humans, and you will mess up. Unconditional forgiveness is essential in a marriage.

These are just a few things to think about over the next few days as you are running around. Remember, being intentional with our spouse keeps the sparks alive. We should strive to keep the embers of our marriage alive daily.

I pray everyone has a blessed Christmas this year.