A couple of weeks ago we talked about conflict in marriage. Every marriage has times of disagreement. I believe a marriage without conflict is not a healthy marriage. Remember, we are two imperfect humans sharing the same space. If there is any communication going on, there will be differences of opinion, and that is okay. So, when these situations arise, how do we handle them?

We should never approach the situation with the goal to win. We need to have the purpose of resolution, which will probably mean compromise. So, how do we do that?

The first thing to be aware of is how we react. Think about it. When you are hurt, what is your first reaction? We need to act, but we need to respond in the right way. Yelling back at our spouse is not the right way, neither is ignoring them. Two wrongs do not make a right.

The best way to respond is to react how God has instructed us. Husbands, love your wife. Wives, respect your husbands. I am not saying this is easy. By no means will it be at times. But, when we do our part, we are allowing God to handle our spouses. It is not our job to change our spouse. God gave us our jobs, and that wasn’t in the job description. When we start trying to change them to what we think is best, we are manipulating them and stepping all over God’s job.

Resolution doesn’t mean you surrender and walk away. It only becomes a win-win situation when you talk and work it out to where you both are content with the outcome. It will require some give and take. It is all about our attitude. If we are both doing our job and we go into the situation with an attitude of resolution, and we don’t react but respond how God’s wants us to, we will grow closer together.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal, to have a closer more loving marriage? I believe that is what God wants for us.