Today was an interesting day. We left Jerusalem this morning and headed to Shiloh. Below are the remarks from Michelle on what she thought of Shiloh. (In Blue)

One of my favorites in Israel was our visit to Shiloh. We arrived at what looked like a small mountain of pebbly, sandblasted remains of long ago. We met our guide after a short break for bathrooms and coffee. He was a young, enthusiastic man whose wife was actually one of the archeologists who had participated in excavating the remains there in Shiloh. He began to lead us slowly up the dusty road explaining at certain points the significance of the remains we passed. At the top of the hill, there was a large rectangular flat area that they speculate the Tabernacle could have dwelled. It sits in a beautiful setting of hills dotted with green shrubs. So so pretty.
It wasn’t until we gathered inside a small theater at the top of the road that I began to really let where we were sink in. Shiloh… this is where Eli had lived serving with his sons in the Tabernacle. This is the place, so many Israelites had made the journey to worship and sacrifice to the Lord they loved. This is where Hannah came with her heavy heart pleading for the child she so desperately desired. It is where Eli stood no doubt in utter amazement when Hannah returned those years later faithfully giving the Lord her precious boy Samuel. She trusted God so much and was so totally committed to Him that she left her son with a priest who had failed to raise his own sons in the fear of the Lord. Amazing!!! God is worth all we have, yet it takes us absolutely not looking anywhere but at Him in order to give it.

I just loved knowing I was standing somewhere close to where those precious moments in history took place. I pray in my own life I am that faithful. I pray that God finds me trusting him with my most precious ones. I pray God gives me second chances like he did Eli when I fail Him.

Wow! What a special privilege to get to go to Shiloh.




Mt Gerizim


After our visit to Shiloh, we went to Mt. Gerizim, the Mount of Blessings. This is where Joshua gathered to read the blessings of the law.



Afterwards, we went to lunch. Below is Amanda’s personal remarks about lunch that day. (In Blue)

Today is a day that will be in my heart forever. We had lunch at a wonderful chicken restaurant called Broast House, which is in the Palestinian Authority. This is not the place you want to vacation if you are a Jew or an American; however, our experience was a delightful one. The restaurant owner was so honored to have us there. He took live videos of his restaurant full of hungry American tourists and proudly posted them to Facebook. He and his staff were very doting and hospitable, and we left there more than satisfied! 
As we finished our meal, we saw Palestinian children walking home from school – they were fascinated by us. The kids in the apartment buildings across the street were hanging out of their windows, blowing kisses and waving. 
We stood in the street between buildings and visited with the children, laughed and took selfies. 
They quickly became our friends. I kept thinking of my kids who were back home and realized these were no different. They innocently loved to play and laugh and had the same sense of wonder and curiosity as my own. Kids are kids everywhere. They aren’t born to hate; they’re taught it. 
I love what Brandon wrote about that experience:
“I doubt we made any global difference in the world, but perhaps this small group of children, if taught that people from other places with other beliefs are not good, will remember meeting a group of Christians from America and say “I once made some American friends.”
Chicken House
Jacobs well 2
The last stop of the day was to Jacob’s Well. This is the proposed site where Jesus met the Samaritan woman. You are still able to gather water at the well.Jacob's Well

 Today was a busy day filled with lots of adventures. It was a another great day in Israel.
Thank you, Michelle and Amanda for your input.