Why are we always searching for the easy button in life? I don’t know of anyone who has found it, but I am still guilty of looking for one. My search always leads to the fact there are no easy buttons, which has become a common phrase around here.  Easy or simple are not words associated with any type of technology. Technology is great, when it works. Setting up a new home office has been quite a challenge. You would think getting a printer to work with a new computer would be easy. Or what about working with new, easy to use, software, simple right? No, not so much. I am learning that there is always red tape to go through. Always some compliance person asking questions and making things less simple. Hence, the common phrase, there are no easy buttons.

Why do we really want an easy button? Life would be boring without challenges. Obstacles provide us with opportunities to overcome. We can learn so much from facing new challenges. I think we search for an easy button, because of fear.  Who really likes change or stepping out of their comfort zone?  Fear controls us! If you don’t believe me, take a moment and look around our crazy world right now. The world around us all is full of uncertainties and fear. I have written about fear before. It can do one of two things. It can push us into action or it can freeze us in place.  When faced with a situation we have to make a decision to either move or not. Are we going to stand still and let fear overtake us? Or are we going to realize that even though it will not be easy we have to stand up to our fears?

Think about a past experience you have had with fear. When you overcame that fear, how did you feel? Think about all the lessons you learned. Think about how it changed you as a person. Was it easy? Probably not. No easy buttons, right? But, the journey was worth it in the end. Let’s stop searching for the easy button in life and just learn to tackle our fears head-on. Let’s do the hard work and face whatever challenge is before us. We have to stand up and not let fear absorb us.