Broken But Anchored

We all have breaks and cracks in our lives. As long as we are anchored to Jesus we can still be used for His glory.

About Me

Hello, my name is Connie Raney. Welcome to my blog. I hope that you will be challenged and encouraged.  Here is a little bit about me:

First, I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ, through faith and not because of anything I have done to earn it. It was a free gift! How amazing is that?

Second, I am the wife to an amazing man since 1992. We have had our ups and downs, but I am more in love with him today than the day we married.

Third, I am a mom to two wonderful kids. They are adults now and I’m very proud of how they have grown in the Lord through the years.

I have published two books. The first one was my testimony titled, “Everyone Owns A Shattered Mirror.” My second book is called “I’m Just A Grasshopper” about conquering your fears. I’m working on my third book now.

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